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Alternative Energy Construction owner

Michael Kirkpatrick - Owner


Michael Kirkpatrick owns and operates AEC Wall Systems LLC which specializes in sustainable architecture by utilizing ICF Insulated Concrete Form systems and building homes that are Eco-friendly and built to last.  Mike has worked as a general contractor for over twenty-five years and started out as a general contractor in California when he was in his twenties.  Born on the west coast, Mike was raised in the Ozarks and has eventually settled here for good.  Mike was building heavy-duty houses with his original construction company, Kirkpatrick Construction when he discovered an alternative and more energy efficient way to build.  By utilizing concrete construction systems, AEC Wall Systems offers concrete homes and commercial buildings that are hyper energy efficient and disaster resistant.  


Mike has been married to his wife Lorisa for 19 years who is also the Office Administrator of AEC Wall Systems LLC located in a renovated historic building in Springfield, MO.  


Mike has developed a new method of building insulated concrete walls . ICF wall panels are designed and manufactured at AEC Wall Systems shop in panels 8’ wide up to 33’ tall. The walls are complete with rebar and bucks. Concrete is added at the job site after the walls are set . The walls are built more accurately, faster and can be pre-built months before needed on the job site. Days before the walls are ready to be installed, the panels are shipped and a crew is dispatched with a small crane to install the wall system, saving valuable time.


AEC Wall Systems utilizes innovative concrete construction systems and products such as Foxblocks and Helix a concrete reinforcement fiber. Mike has also developed -  Transdeck, an ICF flooring system. 


Mike's company - AEC Wall Systems is developing a new method of building that not only includes Insulated Concrete Forming Systems  but also include Geo Thermal Systems, Radiant floor and wall systems, Energy envelopes, LEED , HERS and Solar /Wind/Thermal-Solar technologies.

Mike's company motto is ‘think outside the toolbox’, and AEC Wall Systems is building now, the way most will in 100 years. 



Lorisa Kirkpatrick - Office Administrator

Lacey Smith - Office Manager

Ryan Zymbroy - Project Superintendent

Mitchell Kirkpatrick - Project Foreman