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Energy Efficient Homes & Buildings

A major benefit

of using Insulated Concrete Form construction is the energy efficient nature of the product. This type of construction is 94% efficient as compared to traditional homes where an estimated 25% increase or decrease in temperature is lost purely through the walls of a building or home. Furthermore, 75% energy efficient homes and buildings regarding heat and air is the best case scenario with traditional structures, not including windows, and natural destruction over time.

Insulated Concrete Forms

have endless possibilities to the energy efficiency of each home and building, cutting utility bills in half. It can take up to 23 hours for the temperature to change one degree in a standard home built by Alternative Energy Construction with 15% window to wall ratio and efficient Energy Star windows. Another advantage of TransForm and ThermoForm walls is they can be built at any desired thickness and height. Radius ICF walls are our specialty. We also can and have built ICF safe rooms, ICF tunnels and ICF underground vaults. Contact us to learn more about our energy efficient homes and buildings.